Fall Foliage in Long Island

When autumn arrives, Long Island undergoes a magical transformation. Its landscapes burst into vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow, creating a picturesque wonderland. If you’re in search of the ideal destination to witness this breathtaking display of fall foliage, look no further than Long Island. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you on a journey through the best spots and activities that allow you to make the most of your fall foliage experience on Long Island.

Where to Find the Best Fall Foliage in Long Island

Check out the best location for fall foliage on Long Island. Though Long Island has a lot of places to explore during the fall, we listed the best and most popular places for you to make this fall foliage festival unforgettable for the rest of your life.

Fall Foliage in Long Island

The Gold Coast Arboretum: A Hidden Gem

The Gold Coast Arboretum, located in Oyster Bay’s historic district, is a haven for fans of the changing leaves. Over 200 acres of finely maintained gardens and woodlands make up this hidden gem. It changes into a symphony of hues in the fall as oak trees exhibit their golden splendor and maple trees turn magnificent shades of crimson. Its winding trails provide beautiful vistas of serene ponds surrounded by colorful flora, perfect for a leisurely stroll. The Arboretum is a great location for birdwatchers because it also offers a haven for a variety of species.

Hiking Adventures in the Pine Barrens

The Long Island Pine Barrens Reserve offers a special chance to see fall foliage in a distinctive environment. The pitch pine and oak woods in this huge area provide a sharp contrast between evergreen pines and deciduous trees, creating a captivating tapestry of colors. Think about going on a hike along the 125-mile Paumanok Path, which runs through the Pine Barrens. You’ll pass calm ponds, old forests, and open vistas along the journey, all of which are decorated with vibrant autumnal tones.

Exploring Hamptons’ Back Roads

The Hamptons, known for their exclusive beach lifestyle, acquire a new allure in the fall. The small back roads are bursting with brilliant greenery as the summer throng thin out. Charming streets with maple and oak trees can be found in picture-perfect villages like East Hampton and Southampton. During your trip, you must make a stop at a local farm stand where you can get farm-fresh food, indulge in cider doughnuts, and choose the ideal pumpkins for your fall celebrations.

Caumsett State Historic Park Preserve

Caumsett State Historic Park Preserve is a great option for people looking for a blend of history and fall scenery. This park, which is situated on a peninsula that juts out into Long Island Sound, provides breathtaking views of the water and the vibrant vegetation. Discover the many pathways in the park that meander through fields, woods, and along the water’s edge. In the middle of the autumnal hues, you might even see some of the park’s resident deer.

Sagamore Hill National Historic Site

Visit Sagamore Hill National Historic Site near Oyster Bay, the former residence of President Theodore Roosevelt. You may take in the stunning fall foliage that surrounds this historic site while seeing the house and its lovely gardens. Fall foliage experiences are distinctive and informative when history, architecture, and autumnal beauty are combined.

Planting Fields Arboretum State Historic Park

The Planting Fields Arboretum State Historic Park, which lies in Oyster Bay, is a horticultural marvel that bursts with life in the fall. Over 400 acres of finely designed landscapes, including themed gardens, expansive lawns, and heavily forested parts, make up the park. The Japanese maple grove, which displays brilliant reds and oranges during the fall, becomes noticeable as the leaves change. Explore the Coe Hall gardens or take a stroll through the Italian Garden for different perspectives on the splendor of October.

Sands Point Preserve

Sands Point Preserve, on Long Island’s North Shore, is a hidden treasure for fall foliage seekers. This historic estate features beautiful gardens, woodlands, and a scenic beachfront. The highlight for fall visitors is the mature forest, where oaks and maples burst into a symphony of colors. Hike the network of trails that wind through the woods, leading to stunning viewpoints overlooking Hempstead Harbor. This serene escape offers a tranquil retreat for those seeking natural beauty and tranquility.

Mashomack Preserve

The Mashomack Preserve, with its pristine natural beauty and spectacular fall colors, is waiting for you if you’re willing to take the quick boat over to Shelter Island. The preserve’s more than 2,000 acres are home to a variety of ecosystems, such as wooded areas, salt marshes, and tranquil ponds. The oak and hickory trees in the preserve turn vivid colours of crimson and gold in the fall, creating a stunning contrast with the surrounding blue skies and marshlands. Look for wildlife including white-tailed deer and many bird species as you explore the well-marked pathways. This serene island retreat is an exceptional chance to take in the fall leaves on Long Island in an unspoiled and secluded location.

Connetquot River State Park Preserve

The Connetquot River State Park Preserve is a great option for individuals who like to mix outdoor action with fall colors. This large park, which is situated in Oakdale, has more than 3,400 acres of wetlands, streams, and woodlands. Rich hues of red, orange, and yellow are painted onto the park’s numerous tree species during the fall. Discover the vast trail network, which features accessible boardwalks along the river and more difficult treks through the forest. The wide variety of birds that live in this park will appeal to birdwatchers as well.

Activities to Enjoy Amongst the Fall Foliage


Apple Picking Adventures

Apple picking, a traditional fall activity, is best done on Long Island because of the region’s abundance of apple orchards. Wickham’s Fruit Farm in Cutchogue and Lewin Farms in Calverton are two prominent orchards. You can enjoy a leisurely stroll through rows of apple-bearing trees while taking in the cool autumn air and tasting the delicious fruits of your effort. A complete day of family-friendly fun is guaranteed by the abundance of other activities that orchards provide, including hayrides and corn mazes.

Wineries and Vineyards Amongst Foliage

Long Island is known for its wineries and vineyards, which are made even more beautiful by the fall foliage. Particularly in the North Fork wine region, wine tasting is a wonderfully picturesque experience. Drink in the brilliant hues of the vineyard leaves while sipping regional wines. Some wineries even offer outdoor seating spaces with breathtaking panoramic views of the autumnal environment, fostering a setting of sheer pleasure and relaxation.

Picnicking Adventures

Don’t pass up the chance to have a gorgeous picnic while admiring Long Island’s stunning fall foliage. Put seasonal treats in your basket, such as hot soups, filling sandwiches, and apple cider. Many idyllic picnic locations can be found on Long Island, including the calm woods of Connetquot River State Park Preserve or the gardens of Planting Fields Arboretum State Historic Park. Enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of rustling leaves and brilliant hues while dining outside. In the midst of this fall splendor, take pictures to remember the occasion, but also take some time to relax and spend time with your loved ones.

Tips for Capturing the Perfect Fall Foliage Photos

  • Timing is Key
    Plan your trip for late September through October, when the colors are at their optimum, to capture the most spectacular fall foliage. Long Island transforms into a kaleidoscope of autumnal hues during this time, making it a photographer’s dream.
  • Golden Hour
    The beautiful hues of fall foliage are enhanced by the gentle, warm light of early morning or late afternoon. Take pictures during these moments to give your autumnal memories a golden sheen.
  • Use a Polarizing Filter
    Consider using a polarizing filter to reduce glare and deepen the colors in your photographs. This simple tool can make a significant difference in the quality of your fall foliage shots.
  • Wide-Angle Shots
    Capture the vastness of the landscape by using a wide-angle lens or mode on your camera. Wide-angle shots can emphasize the grandeur of Long Island’s fall foliage.


The fall foliage on Long Island is breathtaking, a work of nature created by the ebb and flow of the seasons. It’s the ideal location for an autumn holiday because of its varied landscapes, abundance of outdoor activities, and stunning hues. Don’t pass up the chance to experience Long Island’s breathtaking fall foliage. Plan your journey, see the picturesque areas, and make enduring memories while taking in nature’s most amazing display.

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