Apple picking in rochester

There is one pleasant custom that draws both locals and visitors to upstate New York when the fresh fall breeze blows through: apple harvesting. The picturesque surroundings and colorful seasons of Rochester, New York, make it the ideal location for this age-old pastime. This in-depth guide will cover the greatest apple orchards, advice on having a good apple-picking excursion, the types of apples you can discover, and the fascinating background of this cherished custom. So be ready to discover the delights of apple picking in Rochester, New York, as we set out on a journey through orchards filled with nature’s sweetness.

The Best Apple Orchards in Rochester, NY

Apple Picking in Rochester

1. Wickham Farms: A Family Favorite

In Rochester, New York, Wickham Farms is the go-to destination for apple-picking fans. This family-run orchard, which is only a short drive from the city, has a friendly and welcoming ambiance. During the fall, you can discover rows and rows of apple trees, each bearing luscious fruit. Apple varieties available to customers include Honeycrisp, Empire, and Macintosh, to mention a few.

2. Lagoner Farms: Where Tradition Meets Taste

Another essential stop for apple picking is Lagoner Farms, located in the center of Wayne County. This 1909-founded farm has maintained its history while providing a wide variety of apple types. There is a flavor for every palate, from early-season Paula Reds to late-season Crispin apples.

3. G and S Orchards: Apples and More

Visit G & S Orchards for an orchard experience that is wholly immersive. You may choose your own pumpkins, hayrides, corn mazes, and apples here, in addition to picking your own fruit. There are plenty of apples available for baking, snacking, and sharing thanks to the assortment, which includes traditional kinds like Cortland and Gala.

4 West Wind Farms: A Tranquil Retreat

West Wind Farms in charming Caledonia provides a tranquil haven away from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life. This orchard is renowned for its tranquil setting and wide selection of apples. Here, you can select your ideal apple, whether you choose the sweetness of Fuji apples or the sharpness of Jonagolds.

Tips for a Successful Apple-Picking Outing

Timing is Everything

It’s essential to plan your apple-picking trip in advance for the best experience. Early September traditionally marks the beginning of Rochester’s apple-picking season, which lasts until October. To guarantee you have the largest assortment of ripe, luscious apples, plan your visit around this time.

Dress Comfortably and for the Weather

Layering is recommended because the autumn weather in Rochester may be rather unpredictable. Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes made for strolling through orchards, and if the sun is out, don’t forget to wear sunscreen and a hat.

Bring the Essentials

Pack things like water bottles, hand sanitizer, and a picnic meal to make your trip enjoyable. There are picnic spaces in many orchards where you can stop and enjoy your recently picked apples.

Be Mindful of Orchard Rules

Observe the orchard’s policies and regulations. When visiting an orchard, be sure to inquire about any specific picking guidelines, such as the need to use the baskets or bags that are given.

Explore Orchard Events

Find out if the apple-picking season at the orchards you intend to visit includes any special activities. Your whole experience may be enhanced by stumbling upon live music, cider samples, or instructive workshops.

Apple Varieties in Rochester Orchards

  • McIntosh – A Classic Favorite: The McIntosh apple is a well-known classic that is renowned for its crisp texture and somewhat acidic flavor. It’s a multipurpose option for your apple-picking basket because it’s great for baking as well as snacking.
  • Honeycrisp – The Sweetest Temptation: A person with a sweet tooth will adore Honeycrisp apples. These apples are ideal for decadent snacks and delectable desserts due to their explosive juiciness and sweet-tart flavor.
  • Empire A Perfect Balance: Empire apples provide the ideal ratio of sweetness to tartness. They taste great in pies, applesauce, and when eaten straight from the tree. They are a reliable option for a variety of culinary ventures thanks to their hard texture.
  • Jonagold – A Burst of Flavor: A delicious taste explosion is provided by the hybrid between Jonathan and Golden Delicious apples known as Jonagold. They are renowned for their crispness and are great for baking as well as eating, giving your creations a distinct taste.

The Rich History of Apple Picking in Rochester

Early Settlement and Orchard Planting

When settlers discovered the area’s rich soil and favorable climate for apple trees in the early 19th century, they started the practice of apple picking in Rochester. Apple tree cultivation contributed significantly to the local agricultural environment.

The Role of Apples in Local Culture

Apples have been important to Rochestern culture both as a staple crop and as a representation of social gatherings. People gathered to celebrate the harvest during frequent apple festivals and cider-pressing festivities.

Rochester’s Contribution to Apple Varieties

The city of Rochester is renowned for its involvement in apple breeding and production. The renowned McIntosh apple, which bears John McIntosh’s name, was initially grown in Dundas County, which is close to Rochester. This type became commonplace in orchards all over the world.

Orchard Preservation Efforts

Currently, initiatives are being made to safeguard Rochester’s historic apple-picking history. In order to preserve uncommon and heirloom apple types for future generations, several orchards participate in heritage apple programs.

Fun Activities Beyond Apple Picking

  • Corn Mazes: throughout Rochester, there are several orchards that host corn mazes throughout the autumn. These challenging labyrinths are a great complement to your apple-picking experience and offer hours of kid-friendly amusement.
  • Hayrides: Take a hayride through the charming orchards to experience the stunning beauty of the changing leaves. Hayrides are not only enjoyable but also a wonderful way to unwind and take it all in.
  • Pumpkin Picking: Consider picking your own pumpkins at the orchard if your trip falls during the pumpkin season. It’s a great way to celebrate Halloween and bring some merry decorations home.

Preserving Your Apple Bounty

  • Homemade Apple Pie
    Making a fresh apple pie is the best way to enjoy the results of your apple-picking labor. For a distinctive flavor profile, select a variety of apples, and don’t forget to add a little cinnamon for that traditional autumnal scent.
  • Applesauce and Apple Butter
    Make applesauce or apple butter to preserve the flavor of your apples. These adaptable condiments are delicious on their own or in a variety of dishes.
  • Dehydrated Apple Chips
    Make some apple chips that have been dehydrated for a wholesome and handy snack. Apples can be cut into slices, dusted with cinnamon, and then dried until crisp and delicious.
apple picking in rochester


In Rochester, New York, picking apples is a long-standing custom that mixes the beauty of the area’s scenery with the delight of reaping nature’s bounty. You may choose from a wide range of orchards, each offering a distinctive experience, and there are many different apple varieties to choose from, so you can fill your baskets with crisp, delectable apples while making unforgettable memories. Plan your Rochester, New York, apple-picking excursion now and enjoy the pleasures of this cherished fall tradition as the leaves turn golden and the air becomes crisp.

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